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Anna Zorzou

Senior YogaWorks Teacher Trainer

“The deeper you go into understanding human nature, let alone yourself, the more you realize that this process is endless.”

  • YogaWorks certified at the 500-hour level
  • Leads YogaWorks 200- and 300-hour trainings in Greece, Cyprus and Europe
  • Birthlight pre-natal, post-natal, baby yoga teacher and yoga therapist
  • Yoga Teacher of the Greek National Women’s Basketball Team
  • Yoga Consultant for Holmes Place Clubs (Greece)
  • Ambassador for Manduka

As long as I can remember myself, I have always been an adventurer; a curious and active girl. My quest for new discoveries led me to California, where I was offered a full scholarship as a college basketball player (University of the Pacific, Stockton), and had to leave my birthplace Greece. Following college graduation and after going through several injuries, I started looking for something new to replace basketball and help me recover.

My first yoga class ever was at the YogaWorks Main Street Studio with Annie Carpenter; and it was love at first sight. I immediately became an enthusiastic student, going to class after class and constantly gaining new experience day by day. Soon after, I successfully completed the YogaWorks 200-hour teacher training. Several other 200-hour trainings, workshops, and retreats followed, plus a 300-hour yoga therapy teacher training with Integrative Yoga Therapy at Kripalu with Joseph Le Page. Since then, my love for yoga has not ceased, but grows stronger and stronger.

Life has brought me back to Greece, close to my beloved family, old and new friends. As a YogaWorks teacher trainer I lead 200- and 300-hour trainings in Greece, Cyprus and Europe, run and teach at numerous retreats and conferences around the world. I am grateful and humbled by this beautiful journey, and truly excited for what is yet to come.

ERYT 500 – RYT 500 Yoga Teacher


Katerina Katsogresaki

YogaWorks Teacher Trainer

My love for the physical exercise has been expressed since my childhood and this led me to the decision to study Physical Education. After graduating I obtained my Master ‘s degree in ”Human Performance and Health.”

My relationship with yoga started during my studies. In the begining it was mostly an experimentation in a different way of physical motion, but soon this connection became more powerful and profound. My first experience with the YogaWorks system at a fitness conference  was a decisive moment because I felt really impressed by its methodology. Consequently, I completed straightway the YogaWorks 200h teacher training program  (the program was provided in Greece by the educational organisation of GRAFTS).My first teachers were the cherised and respected Malachi Melville , Anna Zorzou, and Edwin Bergman. Since then, under the guidance of my mentor Anna Zorzou, I have been enriching my knowledge.

I have completed the 300h teacher training and I also attended the Ιntegrative yoga therapy program with Joseph Le Page at Kripalu. Plenty of workshops with acknowledged teachers such as Chuck Miller, Maty Ezraty, Annie Carpenter, Sean Corn, David Kim, Bryan Kest, Marla Apt and others have expanded my horizons and deepen my comprehension.

Today, after working as an assistant at YogaWorks teacher trainings for several years, I co-lead with Anna Zorzou the training programs in Greece, I teach several group classes, I give private sessions ,and I run training programs and presentations in coferences for the Greek educational organisation Grafts. I am grateful for being a YogaWorks community member, for having Yoga in my life, and for my mentors Anna Zorzou and Vula Bolou who support me constantly in this journey of spiritual growth!


Nikos Florakis

YogaWorks Teacher Trainer

My first experience with Yoga was more than ten years ago. After graduating from my BSc in Sport Sciences and my MA in Sport & Leisure Management, I returned from London to Athens and started working in the field of sports and coaching.

A couple of years later, I noticed that Yoga was gaining ground and popularity in global level, so I decided to participate in a Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training Course, run by my first teacher, Savvas Giantsis. It was the second time in my life that something captured my interest so deeply, after track & field sports. Almost three years after working as a yoga instructor in various studios in Athens, I realized that I had the need to deepen my knowledge, in this area. Then, I met Anna Zorzou and YogaWorks. The completion of the 200H YogaWorks Teacher Training with Anna Zorzou and Edwin Berghman changed my life and the way I had been teaching so far, as it gave me the ability to connect the practice and philosophy of Yoga through a safe scientific approach, which actually characterizes the particular system. Several years later, I also completed the 300H YogaWorks Professional Teacher Training Program. With the mentorship of Anna Zorzou, Voula Bolou and also, the guidance of international teachers like Chuck Miller, Jeanne Heileman, Joan Hymann, and David Kim, YogaWorks have become my essential inspiration. It drives me, as it lights my way with continuous knowledge and expands my horizons.

During the last five years, I have been working at Holmes Place in Greece as a Yoga instructor and at the same time I have been giving workshops and seminars at various studios, based in Athens and Greece. Recently, I had also the tremendous opportunity to work alongside Anna Zorzou as an assistant teacher trainer. Moreover, I had the chance to be a yoga trainer at the Holmes Place Academy of Greece. Lifelong learning is the primary motivation  in my work; I teach to learn, I learn to teach! After all, we all are, and will continue be students for life.


Despina Terzidou

YogaWorks Lead Assistant Teacher Trainer

I was born in Serres and from an early age my interests have been oriented towards sports and more specifically heptathlon, in which I actively participated as an athlete. My love for exercise and my strong desire to convey its benefits to people have led me to the decision to turn my hobby into a profession.

I graduated from the Department of Physical Education of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 1993, specializing in the field of   “Massive Popular Sports”. Ever since that time, I have been participating in various additional seminars specialization with the aim of enriching my knowledge.

A turning point to my professional career up to now has been GRAFTS HELLAS, where I attended and completed successfully different educational circles regarding Personal and Group Training, Yoga, and Pilates. Subsequently I was specialized in the pre-structured programs of RADICAL FITNESS and I became an official trainer in the programmes Radical, Power – X55 – U Bound – Fight Do programs. In 2012, I took over the role of Yoga instructor in GRAFTS. A few year later this role was upgraded and from then till today, I am in charge for the Yoga field in GRAFTS. Through GRAFTS I met with many honored Yoga teachers.

A milestone, not only in my professional but also in my personal life has been my acquaintance with Anna Zorzou. Her teaching style – creative, enthusiastic and at the same time safe for her students – in combination with her love for Yoga, have motivated and inspired me to deepen my knowledge in Yoga.

Subsequently, in 2010 I attended and successfully fulfilled the 200 hours YogaWorks training program and up till now, I have participated relevant seminars and workshops with very significant instructors such as Marla Apt, Annie Carpenter , Joan Hymann, Kim David, and Vula Bolou in order to upgrade my skills and to make my teaching safer and more effective. In 2016, under the guidance of my mentor, Anna Zorzou, I worked as an assistant YogaWorks teacher’s trainer in Thessaloniki. My ultimate goal through this journey is to encourage more people to embrace yoga, guide them with safety and ultimately, help them discover the best part of themselves.


David Kim

YogaWorks Senior Teacher Trainer

After graduating Brown University I began my career as a New York journalist, and later worked as a Script Analyst for Universal Pictures in Hollywood before embracing full-time yoga teaching. Today, I lead trainings, workshops, and yoga events all over the world. My mentors Paul & Suzee Grilley inspired my YogaWise Yin Yoga trainings, and early trainings with Annie Carpenter, Lisa Walford, Sarah Powers, Ana Forrest, Jill Miller, and Shiva Rea were key influences in my Vinyasa teachings.

I honor my foundational Krishnamacharya-lineage studies with the Iyengar family in India (2007) and the Ashtanga founder, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, during his American tour (2005) – as I explore yoga’s evolutionary frontiers with anatomy trailblazers, Gil Hedley and Tom Myers. As a Yoga teacher my effort is focused on offering thoughtful, challenging classes employing creative sequencing, precise instruction, and a philosophical attitude informed by mindfulness meditation practice. I perform numerous online yoga videos for the video-streaming website, , some of which may be found on and the YogaWorks YouTube channel. My teaching is dedicated to the students and loved ones who inspire and teach me every day.


Vanessa Morton

YogaWorks Assistant Teacher Trainer

Yoga has been a part of my life for over 20 years. Exploring different styles from Ashtanga, power Vinyasa, Vinyasa flow, and Yin Yoga has enabled me to grow stronger, more flexible, and fearless both on and off the mat. Yoga has inspired me to live my life to the fullest and teaches me to live in the present moment; after all this is the only moment to be in. As a powerful and comprehensive tool kit, Yoga has been helping me through the stresses and strains of everyday life.

I completed my first 200-hour Teacher Training program with Baron Baptiste at the Omega Institute Austin, Texas. Continuing my studies and exploring philosophy and mythology, at 40 years young, I took my self off to India to take yet another 200hr Certificate in Ashtanga at the Ajyara Yoga School in Rishikesh.

Still thirsty for knowledge I took a third 200-hour Teacher Training with YogaWorks in Cyprus, which is currently my home. YogaWorks is the perfect mix of all my favorite styles of yoga.

Over this 23-year period of yoga practice I have been blessed to be able to name prominent teachers that have guided me on this path. Richard Freeman, Seane Corn, Shiva Rea, Aadil Palkhivala, Claire Missingham and Anna Zorzou to name a few… have all influenced the way I teach today. I am deeply grateful for all the loving and wisdom my teachers have infused me with.

In my classes, I love to combine intelligent sequencing, weave in some philosophy, a spirit of humor, and a juicy dose of inspiration to help my students evolve on their yoga journey. I seek to help them thrive in life by nurturing their body, mind, and soul with yoga. My heart’s desire is that they leave the class having discovered something new about themselves, feeling balanced, strong, confident, yet calm and peaceful.


Charalambos Paphitis

YogaWorks Lead Assistant Teacher Trainer

My first yoga experience was in 2003 at the age of 33, after an accident with my motorbike which left me almost motionless in bed for 2 months with an injury to my right foot and left hand. The various conventional therapies I followed did not have the desired results, causing me to look for alternative restoration treatments. The healing practice of yoga was among them. Yoga helped me to recover 90% of my original mobility.

What made me follow the path of yoga was the peace, self-awareness,  and continuous spiritual and physical support that offered me. Attending yoga classes and workshops in Greece, Cyprus, and various countries (like Peru, Mexico, Thailand, India) and the gifts it offered me led me to change my lifestyle and my career. In 2007, I got my BA in Alternative Therapies and left behind a successful  career as an IT specialist to open with a friend the Center for Physical Holistic Therapy,one of the first wellness centers of alternative healing in Cyprus, at that time.

After 11 years of practice and 4 years of teaching, I was fortunate to meet Anna Zorzou. With her, I completed the 200-hour YogaWorks Teacher Training program and thanks to her trust and faith in me, I became a member of her team as a Teacher Training Assistant. This path of yoga has no ending. Everyday it brings out the best in me and makes me realize how fortunate and privileged I am to practice and teach, to learn and progress to give back what was offered to me: mindfulness and wellbeing.


Eva Tripolitsioti

Assistant Teacher Trainer

Having a strong DNA and my father, an A1 footballer of his time, as a role model, I have loved athletism since I was a little child.

In 1998 my first childhood dream comes true when I got into Athens Gymnastics Academy after my succes in the Panhellenic exams for university admission.
In 2004 I graduate from the department of physical education and sports of the University of Athens (DPESS) specialising in water ski.
At that time I decide to train in AF Studies and get a degree as a step and aerobic instructor. During the same year I acquire my yoga instructor diploma from Effect Academy, something that opened the gates to the path I follow today.
I immediately start working in several gyms but my mind- restless as ever – challenges me every day to take a trip to India so as to discover the land where yoga was born. I first visit India  in 2005 and participate in a Sivananda Yoga training.
It is that trip that changed my life forever. In 2006 I meet my spiritual teacher Saji PK in Kovalam, India during a yoga retreat I had organised and for which he was the guest instructor for a masterclass.
I start practising with him every year in different places of India.
In 2011 I receive the 250h advanced YTT certification from the school of which he is the founder and which is internationally recognised by IYF organisation.
Ever since I every year travel to India with my students so that they as well can have the chance to get to know my first great teacher, and there, as a student myself  I indulge in his infinite knowledge.
In 2017 I participate in a Yin Yoga TT with David Kim in Greece. David along with Anna Zorzou, Katherine Katsogresaki and Nikos Florakis have become “unknowningly” my inspiration to participate a few days later in YogaWorks YTT 200h in Athens with them.
YogaWorks system has been a wonderful gift and tool which added to the Eastern culture I abided by at the time and opened new horizons for me.
For the past 4 years I work at Holmes place in Glyfada and I am founder and totally committed to Anahata Shuddhi yoga studio, another dream of mine that did not remain just a dream

Theodore Famelis

Assistant Teacher Trainer

I was born in Athens and graduated from the German Language Faculty of the Aristoteles University of Thessaloniki. In 2002, while being a student, I started practicing Pilates and Yoga. I was amazed by both approaches and now for the last 15 years I have a daily Yoga practice, for I was enchanted by Yoga Philosophy and its potential for someone to have full control of his own body. During that period I met Savvas Giantsis, who became my teacher and mentor until the present day. I am an Ashtanga practitioner, but I also love Vinyasa and Dharma Yoga.

I fulfilled my first 200hrs and 300hrs Hatha Yoga Teacher Trainings at Ghyta Yoga School with Michael Filinis as the main trainer/instructor. After that another 50hrs Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Biff Mithoefer was completed. Since then I teach in various yoga studios and fitness centers Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Yin Yoga, while at the same time I participate in teacher trainings as a trainer, yoga retreats and workshops. I constantly stay upgraded by attending seminars and workshops. Important teachers that inspired me and I am really honored of having met them are Kino Macgregor, Laruga Glazer, Yuval Ayalon, Paddy McGrath, David Swenson, Mark Robberds and Sharath Jois.

In February 2015, I traveled to India, in the heart of this amazing and magical philosophical system of Yoga, in Mysore, at the Shri K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute (KPJAYI). Two years later I am back there at the same school.

Through my Yoga path, I met Anna Zorzou and thus YogaWorks. I attended her classes for a long time and became excited by the subtle teaching, the brilliant sequence and the alignments. Hence in 2018, I got certified as a 200hrs YogaWorks Instructor, trained by Anna, Katerina and Nikos. After that I moved on to the 300hrs YogaWorks Teacher Training in Athens.

My Path and inner Journey still go on and will guide me hopefully in a luminous and serene…


Pinelopi Zirinoglou

Assistant Teacher Trainer

My love and curiosity for human movement and anatomy was initially expressed when I decided to become a physiotherapist. My journey in the wonderful world of affection and love towards the human body started in 2009, when I graduated from the Technical Institute of Physiotherapy of Thessaloniki, Greece. After working as an associate in a Physiotherapy Centre until 2015, I gained through experience in dealing with patients with chronic musculoskeletal pain, spinal cord problems and injuries, soft tissue injuries and pelvic floor rehabilitation.

My thirst for constant personal and educational development was the reason I explored several techniques and methods of rehab. This knowledge led me into approaching the human body and mind in a holistic way. That’s when Yoga came into my life! 

In 2015 I became a certified Yoga instructor through Grafts, Hellas. My desire to deepen my knowledge led me into continuing my studies and in 2016 I became a certified Yoga Teacher after completing the 200h course from Yoga Works. Yoga transformed my therapeutic skills, providing the quality that is needed in order to connect all the different pieces that synthesize each person’s uniqueness. 

After years of practising this interdisciplinary approach, I started developing my own therapeutic programs for the prevention and treatment of chronic musculoskeletal pain that, combine traditional physiotherapy methods with the practice of Yoga.

In 2019, YogaWorks welcomed me in its warm environment as an Injury Management Specialist. During the course YogaWorks 300h, we will explore new paths of how to connect mind and emotion with the yoga philosophy and the physiotherapy practice, in order to understand how we experience pain and how we can eliminate it. Together we will discover new ways of combining various experiences and methods that can give us freedom in our therapeutic journey.

A massive thank you to my teachers Anna Zorzou and Katerina Katsogressaki for their unconditional love and trust.

Keep learning , Keep teaching , Keep loving , Keep Living